Naturopathic Medicine


In the state of Oregon, naturopathic doctors are primary care physicians.  This allows us to combine the best of modern medicine with more integrative and holistic methods. My goal is to help patients identify their desires, in terms of health and quality of life, and then work together, through attention and concern, toward the realization of those desires.


We currently offer:

  • Exams including well child visits, adult physicals, PAPs and sports physicals
  • Consultations: acute, chronic and wellness visits
  • Family planning/Birth control: diaphragm fitting, contraceptive prescriptions, fertility awareness
  • Laboratory analysis: blood draws in office, specialty lab tests including hormone levels, intestinal health and comprehensive wellness panels
  • Lifestyle modification (diet, exercise, stress management), nutrition, homeopathy, physical medicine, flower essences, acupuncture, herbal medicine and, when needed, pharmaceuticals.


Treatment plans focus strongly on the individual and their unique requirements.  Usually, this encompasses a mixture of lifestyle modification, education on prevention, and natural treatment recommendations.  When deemed necessary, pharmaceuticals are also employed to assure the highest standard of care is maintained.


The distinguishing features of a naturopathic physician lie in the oath they take at graduation.  The six naturopathic philosophies and principles are:


1) First, do no harm.

2) Prevention as the best medicine and the key to vitality.

3) Treat the underlying cause and each patient as a unique individual.

4) Work with the healing power of nature.

5) Treat the whole patient, body, mind, & spirit.

6) Doctor as teacher.